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Joylyn Gray joins Westin as Senior Engineer

Westin Engineering is proud to announce the recent addition of Joylyn Gray to the Westin team as Senior Engineer. In her position, Joylyn will serve as a member of the National Engineering Practice.  Joylyn will be a valued member of the Westin team, and we could not be more pleased to have her onboard. Her commitment to client satisfaction, coupled with her vast knowledge of SCADA and control systems design make her a true asset to Westin.

Joylyn started her engineering career working for a consultant in municipal water treatment in Calgary where she led the department’s SCADA and report development. One of her big projects was a $36 million effort at the East Balzac Water Treatment Plant.  That project was awarded Alberta Public Works Association Project of the Year in 2013.  She gained experience with a number of software platforms on a variety of water, wastewater facilities and their auxiliaries. 

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