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Westin helps utilities improve management of Operations, Maintenance and Assets, Customers, and Finance.

Improving efficiency and effectiveness requires balanced solutions to complex challenges.

Westin's SMART Integrated Business Solutions (SMART IBS) is a complete suite of management and technology solutions that enhance utility business performance. SMART IBS encompasses the people, processes and technology that integrate a utility's core business functions. It aligns utility business requirements with complete solutions to move from strategy to optimized operations for sustainable performance improvement.

SMART IBS aligns Westin’s service lines and delivery models with the utility business model to help deliver safe, reliable utility services in a cost-effective and environmentally-responsible manner.

Westin’s SMART IBS integrates our engineering and consulting services into the four primary areas of utility business: Operations Management, Maintenance and Asset Management, Customer Management and Financial Management. Westin provides management consulting and technology planning services that span all four utility management pillars.

SMART IBS ensures consistent application of best practices, effective information systems, comprehensive process improvement, cultural change, staff buy in, and organizational alignment. From strategic plans to tactical projects, SMART IBS helps you deliver enterprise-wide performance improvement.

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